Dental X-Ray Overview and How Dentists Use Dental X-Rays

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Dental X-Rays are images taken of your teeth, jaw bone and the soft tissues that surround them that assist the dentist in finding problems with the mouth and jaw or if you have a
dental emergency in Montréal. The x-ray images can show things like hidden wisdom teeth, tooth decay, cavities, impacted teeth or bone loss that is not seen during visual examination.

X-rays are taken using very low levels of radiation in order to capture the interior of the teeth and gums. This may sound complicated, but the use of x-ray is a very common tool that has been used in dentistry for many years.

Types of X-Rays

There are two common types of x-rays used in dentistry. They are intraoral (the X-ray film is inside the mouth) and extraoral (the X-ray film is outside the mouth).

Intraoral X-rays

Intraoral X-rays - Alpha Dental Clinic

These types of x-rays are the most common type used in dentistry because they present a great amount of detail and allow the dentist to examine the teeth roots, find cavities, examine the health of the bone surrounding the tooth and monitor the overall health of the jawbone and teeth, as well as examine the status of developing teeth.

Extraoral X-rays

Extraoral X-rays
Extraoral X-rays

These x-rays also show the teeth, but their main center of interest is the jawbone and skull. They do not provide the same amount of detail as intraoral X-rays and are not used to find cavities or identify problems with an individual tooth. Dentists use extraoral X-rays to find impacted teeth or identify possible issues between the teeth, jawbone and temporomandibular joint and any potential issue with the other bones in the face.

If you are a new patient, your dentist in Montréal will most likely perform dental x-ray examinations to get a clearer picture of your overall dental health. This is even more important if you do not have any x-rays from your previous dentist.

Children will often require more dental x-rays than adults so the dentist can monitor the growth of their adult teeth. This helps the dentist identify a problem with growing teeth. For instance, if the adult teeth are growing behind the baby teeth, the dentist can determine if the baby teeth need to be pulled.

Dental X-Ray Preparation

There are no special preparation requirements for dental x-rays. As with any other dental visit, you will want to brush your teeth before you visit to create a more hygienic environment inside your mouth. X-ray images are usually taken before the hygienist cleans your teeth.

When you are at the dentist’s office, you will sit in a chair with a lead vest draped across your chest and lap during the x-ray examination. The x-ray machine will then be positioned around your head to capture the images of your mouth. Depending on the office setup, the x-ray may be conducted in the same room as other dental procedures, or you may be moved to a separate room.

After the Dental X-Ray

Once the x-ray images are processed, your dentist will review them to look for any issues or abnormalities. Unless the hygienist finds serious abnormalities during the x-ray procedure, your dentist will most likely review them while your teeth are being cleaned. Once cleaning is done, the dentist will discuss any issues found on the x-ray with you and decide what next steps need to be taken. If the dentist finds no problems, then keep up your good work!

Even if you receive a good report from your checkup, you should still get x-rays on a regular basis. Just like brushing and flossing, regular dental x-rays are a vital part of maintaining your overall oral health.

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