Invisible Braces for Straight Teeth and a Healthy Smile

Invisible Braces(Clear Aligners) for Straight Teeth and a Healthy Smile

Invisible braces (Clear aligners) are excellent alternatives to traditional metal braces. They appeal to many adults and teens who want to improve your smile discreetly. Invisible teeth braces can be used to correct many orthodontic issues, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re interested in invisible braces (Clear aligners) in Montreal, come in for a consultation at Alpha Dental.

What are invisible teeth braces?

Invisible braces (Clear aligners) are essentially sets of clear aligner trays that are custom-made for each patient. A three-D model or a mold of your teeth is made on your first visit to your orthodontist. Then, this model becomes the basis for creating a unique set of invisible teeth braces—called aligners—specifically for you. These aligners are designed to slowly shipped your teeth into their proper positions by putting pressure on them.

You have to wear your invisible teeth braces for most of the day in order for your treatment to be effective. That said, they are still much more convenient than conventional metal braces because you can remove them if you want to eat, drink, or brush your teeth.

The length of treatment varies depending on your condition, lasting anywhere from just 10 weeks to as long as two years. Costs also vary depending on the brand. Like any other orthodontic treatment, invisible braces (Clear aligners) have pros and cons.

 First, let’s talk about the pros.

  • Invisible teeth braces can be removed. This makes it much easier to enjoy the foods you’ve always enjoyed—even if they are chewy or hard. You can also remove them to brush and floss, making it easier to keep your teeth and mouth clean. This can help you avoid developing stains and tooth decay.
  • They are almost invisible—certainly much less noticeable compared to traditional braces.
  • They don’t increase risks of root resorption
  •  Invisible teeth braces also require fewer visits to your dentist compared to conventional braces.
  • They have been shown to be effective at correcting overbites (slight to severe), overcrowding, and spacing issues.
  • Unlike traditional braces, invisible teeth braces don’t have sharp parts, and so they don’t hurt the insides of your cheeks. You don’t have to worry about lacerations that can be caused by metal braces.
  • There are also some downsides to using invisible teeth braces.
  • Depending on the brand, some clear aligners are more expensive than traditional metal braces.
  • Because of their removable, you can lose them.
  • This mode of treatment requires commitment and motivation from your end as a patient. It’s important to wear them for much of the day if you want your treatment to work.
  • No large-scale clinical tests have yet been conducted to show the effectiveness of invisible braces (Clear aligners) for specific orthodontic cases.
  • They may not work for teeth that are rotated outwards or inwards.

Is it the right option for me?

straighten your teeth right option for me?

If you want to straighten your teeth, then you must be wondering: should you get invisible braces (Clear aligners) in Montreal or traditional braces? Each option is unique, as is each patient’s dental situation.

Straightening your teeth is a process that takes commitment and time. But don’t worry—achieving the smile of your dreams is certainly worth the effort.  

Come in for a consultation at Alpha Dental to find out more about your options and get professional advice on the most suitable treatment course for your specific case. Book a free consultation at any of our clinics to get on your way to a better smile.